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Earn at least 750 miles every 90 days when you spend a combined $250 on CVG parking or at participating merchants. Get up to 4,000 miles when you spend more. Here's how it works:

                                  90-Day Spend   Bonus Rewards
                                  $250 – $499.99   =  500 Miles
                                  $500 – $999.99   =  1,500 Miles
                                  $1,000 or more   =   4,000 Miles

For example: Spend $150 in the Terminal Garage and $100 at a participating merchant within 90 days. You earn a Base Reward of 1 mile per dollar (250) plus a bonus of 2 miles per dollar (500) for a total of 750 miles. That's triple miles!

Thanks Again features thousands of participating merchants nationwide.

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