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The Kenton County Airport Board offers CVGfirst members their choice of airline reward miles through its partnership with Thanks Again Inc.

Participants register on-line for admission to the CVGfirst Program by providing personal information, thereby setting up their own CVG account with Thanks Again. In order to enroll as Members, participants will register one or more payment cards, select their preferred type of airline miles and provide certain identifying information.

All members of the Program shall be entitled to earn Base Rewards when parking on airport using Curbside Valet, the Terminal Garage or CVG ValuPark. Members shall be awarded one airline mile for each $1 spent for CVG parking, for each such Qualified Transaction of $25 or more (Base Rewards).

Members earn the following number of airline miles (Bonus Rewards) for each 90 days in which the sum of their Qualified Transactions with any merchant in the Thanks Again Rewards Program meets the associated threshold. Bonuses are based on each member's qualifying spending over successive 90-day periods, beginning with the date of enrollment. Members may qualify for only one bonus every 90 days. The maximum bonus is 4,000 miles for each 90-day period.

                             90-Day Spend   Bonus Rewards
                             $250 – $499.99   =  500 Miles
                             $500 – $999.99   =  1,500 Miles
                             $1,000 or more   =   4,000 Miles

Individual member purchases do not have to meet any minimum spending threshold to qualify towards Bonus Rewards. Bonus Rewards are in addition to the Base Rewards.

CVG will not release personal information about customers without their permission, except as required by law or legal process (including pursuant to court orders, Freedom of Information Act or similar directive carrying the force of the law). CVG and Thanks Again will utilize the Member information in a manner that is consistent with the Member registration disclosure.

Thanks Again and CVG shall both fully comply with all state and federal law, rules and restrictions of Visa and American Express, the relevant payment card processors, and GRS as such laws and rules apply to security of customer information, privacy and solicitations. Neither CVG nor Thanks Again will enable any person or entity to which they have provided CVG Merchant or Member data to breach the Security and Privacy Requirements and each individually shall take all commercially reasonable steps necessary to prevent, stop and rectify any violations of the Security and Privacy Requirements by persons or entities to which they have provided CVG Merchant or Member data.

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