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What Does CVG Stand For?

CVG stands for "Covington," that being the nearest city of any size when the airport opened in 1947. We, however, like to think of it as an abbreviation for "Cincinnati Very Good." That's a slogan we picked up from Neil Armstrong when he was on the board of directors in the 1970s. (Those, of course, were the second-greatest words Neil ever spoke. The others being something about "One small step for man…")

Protecting Local Streams

De-icing chemicals used on planes and runways can find their way into local streams. CVG has built a system to capture virtually every bit of rainwater and snowmelt in a 4.5 square-mile area of the airfield. More than 400 million gallons of water are treated each year to remove trace amounts of chemicals.

High Maintenance

The buildings that make up the airport cover millions of square feet. A dedicated team works around the clock to keep everything maintained, including more than 860 toilets, 36 elevators and many miles of copper wiring and fiber optic cable. In a typical year more than 850 gallons of paint are applied.

Lighting the Way

The runways and taxiways cover an area of several square miles. Lighting it all at night requires more than 10,000 bulbs. Just like roadways, there are signs for direction. How many? More than 700.

The building maintenance team averages 30 calls a day for service and repairs.

A drainage system helps to keep de-icing chemicals out of local streams.
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