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Frequently Asked Questions About CVG

Q: How do we get more flights at CVG?

A: Our airport is an indispensable regional asset that plays a critical role in meeting the needs of businesses and communities in three states. We are working with business and community leaders to increase air service that supports business growth and development. At the same time, we are positioning CVG for future growth through terminal consolidation and upgrades, and customer service improvements for all passengers.

Q: Why is it taking so long?

A: We are talking with all airlines who are considering expanding or starting service at CVG and we know carriers face several challenges right now, including the economy and airline consolidation. We also know that as carriers consider their expansion plans, CVG is an optimal choice — thanks in no small part to the dynamic business climate here in the Tri-State.

Q: Who owns and operates CVG?

A: CVG is owned and operated by the Kenton County Airport Board. The majority of the KCAB Board Members are appointed by the Kenton County Judge Executive.  The Board sets policy and guides management toward the accomplishment of the Airport's vision and execution of its mission.  Both the Board and management staff are bound by KCAB By-Laws as well as a “Use & Lease Agreement” with the airlines established in 1974.  The Agreement expires in 2015.

Q: How is CVG funded?

A: CVG is a self-sustaining enterprise. CVG does not operate with local or state tax dollars.

Q: Who is paying for the vacant Concourse C?

A: Delta Air Lines is obligated to pay KCAB until its original lease terms expire on facilities the airline constructed.  Delta issued its own bonds at no risk to the KCAB or other Airport tenants.  The first significant lease expires at the end of 2015.
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