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Employee Joins Hall of Fame for Providing Excellent Service

Jeannie Bass has been inducted into the Tourism Council of Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame. Read below her story.

Jeannie Bass Excels at Assisting Others

Jeannie Bass' official job these last 14 years has been to staff the front desk for the CVG administrative offices — answering the phone and greeting visitors. Probably the largest share of her time has been spent assisting travelers who are heading to and from the Tri-State. Apart from her official duties, Jeannie handles an average of 100 calls a day from travelers who need assistance. (That number can easily grow to 200 calls on bad weather days.)

Often the calls come to Jeannie by mistake. Perhaps they are having trouble with their airline reservation, or their rental car. It doesn't matter. Jeannie assists them in her calm and reassuring manner — finding the help or the answers they need. She is so adept at balancing multiple calls. Rarely does she keep anyone on hold more than a minute.

Some of the more unusual calls concern where to pick up pets — or even bodies — that are being flown in from another city. Not as rare as you might think! But the most unusual: The time a guy called and asked for a 5 a.m. wake-up call. (He didn't trust the person at his hotel's front desk.) That was one of the few times Jeannie said she couldn't help.

Then there are the people who are lost on the highway — “I get pretty many of those actually,” Jeannie says. “So I try to figure out where they are and talk them in.”

Conservatively, Jeannie has assisted upwards of 300,000 travelers in her years at the front desk. She gets very little thanks from those she helps. The people on the other end of the phone are probably not even aware she is going above and beyond. All they know is they are calling someone at the airport.

Jeannie is OK with that. In the days of 1-800 numbers, recorded messages and the web, she is happy knowing that she is one of the few remaining people who still pick up the phone and say, “How can I help you?”
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