Terminal Modernization

Elevating the service experience for passengers

Upgrades to the bag claim area, curb front and parking garage are underway as part of a $6 million Terminal Modernization project. Bag Claim will get a floor-to-ceiling makeover that includes more energy-efficient lighting, new carpet and wall treatments. The changes should make travel more convenient, while incorporating regional branding inspired by the Roebling Bridge and the Ohio River. The curb front will get brighter lighting and simplified signage for better wayfinding. The garage lobbies will get a modern makeover as well. The project also includes new carpet in Concourses A & B. Work is expected to last through March, with much of it taking place from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. to limit the disruption to passengers. Passenger access will be maintained at all times.

“Upgrades in the Terminal will make travel more convenient.”