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At a Glance

As the airport has grown, the Building Maintenance Dept. has combined age-honored traditions of craftsmanship with the latest computer technology. It's how the crew — operating on three shifts — keeps up with the wear and tear of millions of passengers a year.

The department averages about 30 calls a day for service and repairs. This is on top of the special projects and regular maintenance. The crew stays ahead of the curve by bringing an engineering mind-set to many of its tasks.

Instead of just repairing something, they go in and analyze why it broke so they don't have to repeat themselves.

Their greatest asset is the wide range of talent. The crew consists of master carpenters, painters, heating and air conditioning technicians, plumbers and locksmiths.

All the best tools are of no value if you don't have the dedicated people willing to do whatever it takes.


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