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At a Glance

The airport is often compared to a city with its own utilities, communication networks and road system. The power to run this “airport city” comes from six massive electrical feeds, each capable of delivering up to 10 million watts. Managing all this power is the airport’s electrical department, a team of people who keep the airport running, literally.

The electrical crew consists of 15 electricians, and four electronics technicians. Together they manage hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cable used for data transmission, security, climate control, audio/visual systems and high-voltage monitoring.

The electrical crews’ job is critical to the safe operation of the airport. The airfield, for instance, is illuminated each night with 10,000 lights, which help pilots navigate the many miles of runways and taxiways. Behind it all is a sophisticated system of computer controls, manual overrides and back-up generators should critical parts of the system ever fail.
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