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If you had to establish a birth date for modern commercial aviation in Greater Cincinnati it would be June 3, 1943. It was on that date that the Fiscal Court of Kenton County adopted a resolution that made it possible for them to appoint the board that would operate the new Greater Cincinnati Airport located in Boone County, Kentucky.

Although many changes have occurred in the makeup and structure of the board over the years, the goals and purpose set by the original board have remained the same . . . the safe, efficient and economical operation of the airport. The board accomplishes these goals without the use of local tax dollars. The airport is self-supporting and generates revenues from users to fund operating expenses and debt service.

The Kenton County Airport Board functions as a board of directors to oversee airport operations. The all-volunteer board sets policies to ensure that CVG remains responsive to the traveling public, a good neighbor to surrounding communities and an economic catalyst for the region. The airport’s management implements these policies to ensure that the airport meets these standards.

Throughout its history the board has included some of Greater Cincinnati’s most prominent civic and business leaders—able to bring the knowledge and expertise needed to oversee a facility of this complexity.

The original six-member board has been expanded over the years to give surrounding counties a greater voice in the operation of the airport. A 1964 executive order from the governor of Kentucky to add advisory members to the board states: “Whereas, the airport serves the entire Cincinnati metropolitan area . . . it is deemed advisable that the Kenton County Airport Board receive the counsel and advice of representative citizens of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.”

Today’s board represents a broad spectrum of the community on both sides of the Ohio River, with all members playing an integral role in overseeing airport operations. All board members have an equal vote in their respective committees, where all actions originate.

Airport officials review plans for the original terminal.

The airport's founders pose in front of a Boeing DC-3.

Airport officials unveil a model of the '70s terminal expansion.
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