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At a Glance

The airport is like a window to the world for many Tri-State residents. The people responsible for keeping that window sparkling are members of our housekeeping staff.

Cleanliness is paramount, because the airport is often the first thing people see of our region. Yet making the airport shine is no small task.

In a year’s time, the housekeeping staff will install more than 150,000 rolls of paper towels and bathroon tissue in the restrooms. It takes an employee an entire day just to keep the housekeeping staff supplied with materials.

Since it is responsible for cleaning more than one million square feet of space each day, the housekeeping staff is expert in getting the job done right and getting it done quickly.

They don’t just clean up the facilities and keep them in good condition, they create the very atmosphere that thousands of people live and work in every day.


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