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Surrounded by a vibrant business environment, CVG is poised for growth with new gates, low costs and plenty of airfield capacity.

Cincinnati Region at a Glance

Home to 2.1 million people

Educated workforce — 300 colleges & universities within 200 miles

Labor force of 1 million people within 50 miles

Corporate diversity — 400 foreign-owned firms employ over 40,000

Home to Leading Global Brands

10 fortune 500 headquarters & 17 fortune 1,000 headquarters specialize in:

Aerospace     Financial Services     Information Technology
Automotive     Advanced Energy     Life Sciences
Chemistry/Plastics     Consumer Products
Corporations Tell Us

  • 92% of companies expect travel to remain the same or grow
  • 90% of companies are looking for new carrier relationships
  • Only 18% of companies have a formal airline contract
  • Fare is the primary driver of purchasing decisions

Learn More About Us

With our low debt and efficient airfield, CVG is one of the most competitive U.S. airports.

Consolidating all carriers into one terminal has made CVG even more efficient as we explore options to grow business. Learn More >>

Find out more: Email Bobby Spann or call 859-767-3130
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