Program Rules

CVG Parking Advantage – VIP Parking


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The Kenton County Airport Board offers discount parking at the Terminal Garage, CVG ValuPark and Curbside Valet through use of a point award and redemption program. Access to both parking areas is through the use of a VIP card system.

Participants register on-line for admission to the program by providing personal information to set up their own account. Upon receipt of participant's information, the Kenton County Airport Board issues participants a VIP access card, which is solely for their own use and is not transferable.

Points are awarded by using the VIP access card for parking at the Terminal Garage, CVG ValuPark or Curbside Valet. To convert points for free parking, participants must access their account on-line in advance and choose the dates of redemption before parking in CVG facilities.

Parking points are earned and redeemed on a 24-hour basis. The points that you earn for free parking will expire if there is no activity on the account within a one-year period. The account is automatically deleted if there is no activity within two years.

Lost cards can be replaced for a fee of $10, which is charged to your credit card on file, or a deduction of 200 points from the account.

By applying for the VIP Parking Card, it licenses you to park and lock one vehicle in a designated space at your sole risk and at posted rates.  The Kenton County Airport Board and its subcontractors do not guard or assume vehicle custody or control your vehicle or its contents and are not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss. The Kenton County Airport Board and its subcontractors issue this account as your contract and for time keeping purposes only.

Each participant is responsible for keeping their account updated with current information. Invalid credit cards on file may not be honored, in which case points will not be awarded.

Only a license to park is granted hereby and no bailment is created. Vehicles left over 30 days in the Garage or 60 days in ValuPark without notification may be impounded at the owner's expense. Vehicles occupying more than one space will be charged the daily maximum for each space used.  This is your entire contract and no employee may waive any of the terms. By your acceptance of it you agree to all foregoing terms.

Disclaimer & Terms of Use

CVG Parking Advantage has no prearranged termination date. The Program will terminate at such time as the Kenton County Airport Board determines in its sole discretion to terminate the Program. The Program may be terminated at any time. The Board will publish notice of termination of the Program on its website. As a participant, you may or may not receive individual notice of termination.

Participants in the Program will have six months from the date of termination to use any accumulated points. No privileges or other advantages under the Program will continue six months after the termination date.

All terms of use of the Terminal Garage, CVG ValuPark and Curbside Valet shall apply equally to a participant's use of the parking facilities including, but not limited to, any terms of use stated at the facilities and on parking tickets for the facilities.

The Board reserves the right to amend, delete, add or otherwise change any procedure, condition, system, benefit or other aspect of the Program, in its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice, and even though such changes may immediately affect or eliminate existing privileges or advantages under the Program.


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