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Where can I get food to go?

All restaurants at CVG, and even some shops, offer carryout food — many also offer fresh, pre-made meals to go.

Is there a food court?

CVG has more than 20 restaurants offering everything from fast food to sit-down dining. The food court in the center of Concourse B offers several fast-food options.

Where can I get breakfast?

Most restaurants serve breakfast before 10:30 a.m.  Explore our shopping and dining listing for more information.

Are there facilities for children?

Visit the play area in Concourse A near Gate A-10. Creative Kidstuff in Concourse B is a store that caters specifically to kids. Most restaurants feature children's items. Family restrooms are located near Gates A-11 and B-13.

Where can I get a drink?

All full-service restaurants at the airport also offer bar service. Look for restaurant/bars in our shopping and dining listing.

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