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The international facility is conveniently located in Concourse B, just 5 minutes from any connecting gate. Airport ambassadors are available to assist passengers inside customs and immigration.


Look for restrooms conveniently located just inside the airport after leaving your plane.


Be ready to present your passport and completed arrival forms. If you do not have forms, they are available before getting in line.

Baggage Retrieval

Retrieve all baggage from the carousels and take it to customs for inspection. Oversized bags can be retrieved from the window opposite Carousel One.


Be ready to present your passport and customs forms. Declare all currency in excess of U.S. $10,000 and all merchandise intended for resale or business purposes. You must also declare any fruits, vegetables, meats, plants, seeds, live animals and any other plant or animal products. You will either be cleared to leave or directed to undergo further inspection.

Baggage Recheck

Recheck your baggage here (except carry-on luggage) so that it can be loaded onto your connecting flight, or sent to baggage claim if Cincinnati is your destination.

Security Check

A security recheck is necessary because passengers are still in a secure area and have had access to their bags. Connecting passengers do not have to pass through any additional security beyond this point.

Flight Info

Flight information listing your departure gate is available outside the inspection facility.

To B Gates

All "B" Gates are located immediately above you in Concourse B. Take the escalator up.

To C Gates

The gates in Concourse C are closed at this time.

To Terminal & Bag Claim

If Cincinnati is your destination, ride the train to the Terminal and baggage claim.

Customer Feedback

"I appreciate your kindness to my wife and myself. When you saw us trying to catch our flight, you readily assisted by carrying one of my bags as you led us to our gate. But for you we might have missed our flight. It was also very kind of you to buy bottles of water for us. May God grant you success in all your undertakings."
Stephen I., Nigeria

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