CVG @ Work: Housekeeping Heroes

Cleanliness is a top priority when travelers rate their experience at an airport. It’s what people experience when beginning and ending their travel journey. The housekeeping department at CVG is a 24/7 essential operation. This team takes great pride and ownership of their important role in providing an unforgettably positive customer experience.   


Their dedication is evident by CVG’s most recent ranking as #4 Cleanest Airport in North America in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by London-based Skytrax.  Congratulations to every member of the CVG housekeeping team for the dedication and commitment to their work. 

CVG's Housekeeping team was on-site 24/7 and working every day prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


There’s so much more to housekeeping than cleaning. The team at CVG is involved in testing and selection of products to ensure they are of the highest quality, safe for both passengers and employees, and sustainable for the environment. 


The CVG housekeeping team is also involved in recordkeeping and prioritizing workloads. The implementation of new technology and more efficient processes is another responsibility and skill set of CVG’s housekeeping team. Here a team member is programming the autonomous floor-scrubbing robot that both cleans and sanitizes the terrazzo flooring throughout CVG. 


CVG partnered with Safety Net and Safety Net Bio-Protection to keep everyone safe in the airport.  This enhanced cleaning approach is a two-step process using US-made, electro-static sprayers.  The first step is a complete disinfection of target areas using hospital grade, enhanced disinfecting solutions that are eco and people friendly as well as CDC/EPA approved.  The second step involves spraying an antimicrobial solution that binds to hard surfaces, killing germs, including SARS-CoV-2, while also protecting against new germs that enter the environment for up to 30+ days.  This procedure is performed monthly at CVG by housekeeping team members. 


This group is responsible for intensive floor care, sanitizing of restrooms and high-touch areas, and disposal of sharps and biohazards throughout the passenger facilities.


The motto of the housekeeping team is “passengers come first” so they are often seen helping travelers with luggage or assisting with wayfinding and other travel-related questions. This team is like a family, and they treat passengers the same.  


The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) has been serving commercial passengers since 1947. With more than 7,700 acres of land, four runways, a diversified base of operations on and near the campus, along with an economic impact of $6.8 Billion (2018), CVG is much more than meets the eye. This series, CVG @ Work, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the breadth of services offered by CVG Airport and its commitment to be a leader in our region.

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