CVG @ Work: Rental Car Facility/P&D

CVG's Planning and Development (P&D) team works to ensure the airport’s more than 7,700 acres of property is utilized in the most strategic and effective way. This team is flexible, and detail oriented - planners, engineers, inspectors and other staff work together in order to forecast, plan and build airport development from the ground up. This chapter highlights the Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC), a multi-year building project with a construction budget of more than $170M that enables CVG Airport to meet passenger demand and elevate the customer experience.


The Planning and Development (P&D) team at CVG handles a range of projects with an understanding of current and near-term needs while keeping an eye on the future via the Airport's 30-year Master Plan. 

Planning and development at an airport includes many priorities such as safety and security, compliance, operational efficiency and customer experience. Each team member plays a part in managing an idea or concept to fruition, including operational readiness.  

Work on a new consolidated rental car facility at CVG began years before any dirt was moved.  Engineers, project managers, and planning professionals on the CVG P&D team worked with architects, builders, rental car companies, and other entities to assemble a plan to efficiently utilize land and effectively build a state-of-the-art structure that adheres to safety, budget, and regulatory requirements.

New Airport Entrance and Roadway

Before breaking ground on the three structures that will make up the rental car facility, a new roadway system was needed to maximize vehicle accessibility to both the new CONRAC facility, as well as to the CVG Terminal. In February 2018, the first project to relocate the parking garage exit plaza was initiated to allow portions of the CVG Parking Garage to be demolished to make room for the new roadway system.  The new roadway broke ground in August 2018 and was completed in fall 2019.

The project was a massive undertaking for the P&D team - from planning wayfinding and ensuring flexibility with the parking garage, to mitigating impacts to both customers and tenants, and designing an efficient roadway system all while maintaining regular airport operations. 

Building Construction Begins

In summer 2019, preparation work began for construction of the three-structure project.  The facility location spans 12 acres and will sit where Terminals 1 and 2 once stood. Members of the Planning & Development team worked side-by-side with Messer Construction, the project's contractor, to stay on top of every detail. The need to be adaptable and creative is constant and ever present with this team. 

    Preparing the project footprint included collaboration with many organizations.  Site work required installation of new utilities including new electrical feeds run by Duke Energy. Coordination began years before construction to ensure that not only would the rental car facility have sufficient power, but any future development would as well.

      October 2019

      Topping Out A Significant Milestone

      In early 2020, the highest beam was put into place to top out the Customer Service Building – the first of three structures making up the nearly 1.2M square-foot rental car facility. The Customer Service Building will be conveniently connected to the Terminal for passengers to make their rental car transactions once open in 2021.  The two other structures, the Ready Return and Quick Turn Around, are also currently under construction and will be utilized to store and service the rental cars. All rental car brands serving CVG will be housed in one location, eliminating emissions from shuttles that currently transport passengers back and forth from rental car lots to the Terminal.

      Representatives from CVG Airport, Messer Construction, PGAL (project architect), and the various rental car companies celebrated this milestone in February 2020. 

      February 2020

      Building Process Continues

      CVG Airport's Consolidated Rental Car Facility, or CONRAC as it is referred to in the airport industry, is made up of three connected structures and provides a one-stop rental car experience:

      1. The Customer Service Building is the first connection to the Terminal on both ticketing and baggage claim levels.  Travelers will pick up luggage at baggage claim and walk through this building to get to the rental car services.  This structure has multiple floors, with opportunity for expansion of ticketing based on travel demand.

      2. The Ready Return is the customer facing area where passengers will pick up or drop off rental cars.  This area flows directly from the Customer Service Building and enables travelers to walk to their car; no shuttles or transportation to rental vehicles will be needed. 

      3. The Quick Turnaround Facility provides all the necessary equipment for the rental car companies to clean and service returned cars including:  fueling, vacuuming, disinfecting, car wash bays and light maintenance.  Upon cleaning and servicing, the cars are re-positioned to the Ready Return for customer use.   

      The process is efficient, under one roof, and is focused on travelers' needs.  This picture showcases the Customer Service Building on the right (blue wall) and parts of the Ready Return facility (straight ahead and to the left).  The Quick Turnaround structure is on the other side of the Ready Return. 

      Picture taken July 2020

      Consolidated and Connected Airport Rental Car Facility

      This project is on track and on budget to open in fall 2021.  CVG will be one of the few airports in the U.S. to have a rental car facility that features all three components (Customer Service Building, Ready Return, and Quick Turnaround) that is both consolidated for rental car companies and connected to the Terminal for travelers. 

      This will also be the first facility in Kentucky to feature a vertical fueling system in the Quick Turn Around facility to provide refueling services on levels 2-4.  This system provides greater efficiency for rental car operations. 

      This rendering provides a concept of the scale and scope of the project and a glimpse at what it will look like upon completion.  


      The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) has been serving commercial passengers since 1947. With more than 7,700 acres of land, four runways, a diversified base of operations on and near the campus, along with an economic impact of $6.8 Billion (2018), CVG is much more than meets the eye. This series, CVG @ Work, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the breadth of services offered by CVG Airport and its commitment to be a leader in our region.

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