CVG @ Work: Safety

Safety is fundamental to the operation of CVG. Ensuring the safety and health of passengers, tenants, and employees is not only a guiding strategy of our New Heights strategic plan, but it is our first and most critical imperative—to operate a safe, secure and healthy airport environment.


Safety as a Priority

CVG Operations is the airport's point of contact for all safety programs at CVG for all employees and contractors.  The safety team performs inspections of passenger facilities and employee workplaces to assure safe and healthful conditions are in place.  Along with inspection duties, the safety team assists in developing measures to help prevent incidents and accidents.  Additionally, this group monitors and helps develop employee safety training, and assures that claims for injuries and illnesses are recorded according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Safety Prevention: Training, Training, Training

CVG's safety team’s duties include monitoring and assisting with safety training across the CVG Airport campus.  Preventative training takes place year-round and with various departments throughout the organization. In 2021, on-site OSHA training was conducted, with more than 30 professionals certified.  In this photo, various departments are receiving training on safety in confined spaces.  This applies to construction sites, maintenance areas, and emergency services to name a few.

Passenger Safety

To ensure passengers’ safety throughout their experience at CVG, the safety team helps to monitor and review aspects of the traveler’s journey, including any hazards or safety concerns.

Airfield Safety

Ensuring a debris-free and safe airfield is critical at CVG and is addressed by multiple departments, led by CVG's Airside Operations team. Personnel conduct safety inspections of the airfield multiple times a day and notify appropriate departments of any non-standard conditions to allow for timely repairs.


Worker & Construction Safety

As CVG reaches for new heights, there is often construction in progress.  CVG personnel work with our tenants and contractors to help ensure safety plans are in place and followed for the safety of workers and passengers alike.   

Safety System Organization and Management

CVG is committed to continually improve safety and identify the methods and best practices to meet safety goals.  Internal committees and working groups from all functional areas of the organization are involved in furthering training, communication, and other procedures to maintain a positive safety culture at CVG. 

Safety Reporting

Monitoring safety on the CVG Airport campus is critical to being successful and constantly improving wherever possible.  The safety team coordinates monitoring, improvement recommendations, ongoing education, and overall evaluation of the safety system at CVG. 


The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) has been serving commercial passengers since 1947. With more than 7,700 acres of land, four runways, a diversified base of operations on and near the campus, along with an economic impact of $6.8 Billion (2018), CVG is much more than meets the eye. This series, CVG @ Work, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the breadth of services offered by CVG Airport and its commitment to be a leader in our region.

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