Flying to Charleston in a 'Breeze'

December 2022

The countdown is on! Breeze Airways will start flying out of CVG to Charleston, South Carolina (and three other great destinations) in February. If you didn’t know, Allegiant also flies nonstop to this destination from CVG. Thinking of booking a flight? Let me help you out! I traveled to this Southern city recently for a bachelorette party and I had one of the best times ever!

I spent an entire weekend here and had no clue Charleston had so much to offer. I was greeted by beautiful November weather in the mid-70s, and palm trees! I was beyond excited. On our way to our amazing Airbnb, we passed Rainbow Row. One word for this - charming! This iconic street has around 13 townhomes painted in pastel colors. It is a great place to take in the salty air and take plenty of photos!

One stop you must make in Charleston is Camellias Champagne Bar. The décor is impeccable! To no surprise, it’s a very popular breakfast and brunch spot. If you want to go there - it’s recommended to make a reservation.


Another place I highly recommend: Church and Union. This is an old Church converted a few times and now is a well-known, very popular restaurant. The food? Amazing! You have to try it for yourself! I went here for brunch on a Sunday and was able to enjoy food while also being in church; I call that a two for one! Reservations are highly recommended.

I can’t end this without talking about the famous Pineapple Fountain. I mean did you really even go to Charleston if you didn’t take a picture with the fountain? The Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, which was hard to come by back in the colonial days. It stands as a visual representation of the hospitality of the city of Charleston, SC and you can’t miss it!

Book your trip now from CVG with Breeze Airways, or Allegiant, then report back on what your favorite part of your experience was! My Instagram handle is @whatsjetlag. I’ve flown with Breeze before and let me tell you, my flight was relaxing and easy! Let’s enjoy the Journey, together!



Image First post - October 2022

Let's Take a Journey

October 2022

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can give to yourself. Coming from a big family, being one of 23 siblings to be exact, I never pictured myself being an avid world traveler. Growing up, my dad would take us on family road trips in the summer, and he would always talk about how he wished he would have traveled more internationally. Although he is now 87, those dreams have come and gone, but what puts a smile on his face is the fact that he can live vicariously through me. So, in essence he is still living a dream, just in a different way and that puts a smile on my face.

From what started off as family road trip adventures, has now grown to me having visited five continents, over 55 countries and more than 120 cities, with no plans on stopping any time soon. My love for international travel grew through observing different cultures in their environment – from the way they live to their native language down to the way they interact with others. I truly believe traveling helps to erase some of the ignorance, biases and stereotypes within different cultures. The beauty of the world can be seen in the diversity of its people, and we are actually more similar than we think.  

Not only does traveling bring joy to me in learning about other cultures, but other cultures get to experience diversity through me as well. Whenever and wherever I travel, I consider myself a representative for black and brown people. There have been times where I've been in cities within certain countries and I've been the first interaction someone had with the black and brown community, outside of what they may see in the media. I take none of that for granted, and I love that I can share it with others. People often shut down the idea of travel because of the fear of the unknown; they may believe it's too expensive or they may not know where to even start. I am here to help eliminate some of those beliefs and show you that travel can be attainable, and you can, in fact, live your travel dreams!