Drone Operation

The operation of an Unmanned Aircraft System, commonly referred to as a drone, within 5 miles of an airport is regulated by the FAA along with Kentucky law. Consult the FAA's website to understand your responsibilities. Failure to comply may subject the operator to prosecution.

Additionally, non-commercial drone operators desiring to operate within 5 miles of the CVG should refer to the FAA’s UAS Facility Map, which outlines where such drone operations can and cannot occur. Under Kentucky law, non-commercial drone operators must receive CVG and FAA approval to operate within the red shaded areas on the map.

Use the AirMap app for Apple or Android devices to seek both FAA and CVG approval. (Commercial operators need only FAA approval but are encouraged to also use the AirMap link.)

Things to Know

  • Do not operate a drone within the Red Zone on the map without prior approval from the FAA and CVG. 
  • Use the AirMap links above to begin the application for approval from the FAA and CVG.
  • Drone operators must show approval via the AirMap app if challenged by local law enforcement.
  • Operate drones below 400 feet in the non-shaded areas of the map.
  • Always operate drones within visual line of sight and never near other aircraft.
  • Never operate drones near emergency response efforts, such as fires.
  • Do not operate drones under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If you see a safety issue involving a drone, call police immediately.


Click map for AirMap website view.

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