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Infectious Disease Update

February 26, 2016 — The Public Health EMS Medical Advisory Council has provided this update in regards to three infectious diseases: Zika, Ebola and Influenza.


Zika Virus

  • Is a flavivirus related to West Nile and Dengue Fever that has recently been found to be endemic to the Caribbean and South America. It is not endemic to the Cincinnati region.
  • Concern: It may cause congenital microcephaly in the fetus and may cause Guillain Barre Syndrome.
  • It is primarily transmitted by a mosquito strain not endemic to Cincinnati.
  • Transmission can occur through sexual contact with an infected male.
  • The risk to the general public is near zero unless traveling to an endemic area.
  • Case fatality for this rare disease is extremely low.
  • Symptoms: Fever, joint aches and red eyes and rash that may be itchy
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Ebola virus

  • Hemorrhagic virus seen in a West African epidemic in 2015 has cooled off.
  • There are currently no active cases of Ebola in West Africa.
  • There is currently no border screening at the US borders for this disease.
  • There is screening in the West African countries for travelers leaving the area.
  • No travelers in the Cincinnati region are being monitored for symptoms.
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  • This has been a low and late flu season this year.
  • The risk is still there, so vaccination is still recommended.
  • H1N1 influenza has played a more predominant role than anticipated this year.
  • H1N1 strain is contained in the vaccine. So get vaccinated if you have not been.
  • Hospitalizations for flu are much lower than last year.
  • No prophylactic antibiotics or antivirals are required. Get vaccinated.
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