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Business Courier: Major CVG airliine ramps up Covid-19 precautions

Business Courier / Chris Wetterich / June 26, 2020

assengers who fly using Allegiant Air must wear a face mask during all phases of travel, the Las Vegas-based carrier announced Friday.

This means Allegiant fliers will have to wear masks at the ticket counter, gate area, during boarding and throughout the flight.

Allegiant officials had hoped the federal government would mandate the masks, said Allegiant COO Scott Sheldon in a statement.

“We have found that the vast majority of customers wear masks as a standard practice, but this update adds a layer of assurance and addresses customer needs as communities re-open. We had hoped to see a federal mandate to require face masks, so that all airlines could be uniform in their approach, to avoid customer confusion, and to aid enforcement. In the absence of that, we are taking this next needed step in our own policy," he said.

Allegiant already provided all passengers with a health and safety kit including a mask and cleansing wipes prior to boarding. Allegiant employees already must wear masks.

Children under two years old are exempt as well as as passengers with disabilities or documented medical conditions.

If a passenger wants to eat and drink, they can remove the mask.

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