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CityBeat: CVG Trying to Reunite Lost Stuffed Dog with His Family

CityBeat / July 15, 2020

A small stuffed dalmatian dog was left behind outside the security checkpoint at the airport this week, according to a tweet from July 14.

Tweet - Lost Dog

They're hoping whatever traveler left him behind is looking for him, so they want people to spread the word that the pup is safe and sound at CVG and ready to head home.

He's also been going on some adventures of his own while hanging out at the terminal.

Screen Shot20200715At1 07 27PM

UPDATE: He hasn't found a home as of yet, but he has gotten a name: "Jet."

Lost toys aren't uncommon at CVG, which recently reunited another displaced stuffed animal with its owner.

According to the airport, 9-year-old Zaiden Kirby's beloved Beary spent a month at CVG after he missed his flight. Kirby is the son of a military father who has moved the family from Kentucky to Georgia to Ohio to Louisiana, where they live now. And Kirby has had his bear by his side since he was born, he told WXIX.

According to the WXIX story, "Beary was there with Zaiden in June at CVG, where Zaiden was set to board a plane home to Louisiana after spending a few weeks with his grandparents in Kentucky. Beary didn’t make it. Zaiden says he accidentally left him in the train at the terminal."

Kirby's grandma launched a social media campaign to find Beary and CVG Police Officer Joe Woeste found the stuffed animal in a terminal and "applied a mask to the bear, buckled him up the front seat of his vehicle and eventually sent the itinerant ursine home," says WXIX.

Here's hoping the same happens for this lost little dog.