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The National: Lost toy dog goes on 10-day adventure across US airport before being reunited with owner

The National / July 27, 2020

A lost stuffed animal went on a 10-day adventure around the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport before being reunited with its owners following a viral social media campaign.

Staff at the airport found the toy Dalmatian on Tuesday, July 14, and posted a picture of it to social media to try and locate its owner.

Tweet - Jet - initial post

"We think this guy missed his flight at CVG this morning," the Twitter post read. "We found him hanging out by Starbucks outside of our security checkpoint."

Over the course of the next week-and-a-half, a wily airport employee took the toy on a grand tour of the airport looking for its lost owners.

The day after the toy was found, he was fitted out with a face mask and taken for a visit to the United Airlines counter. However, he "couldn't smell his family on the plane" or near the gate.

The next day, the toy was taken out onto the airfield and runway to get a look at ongoing plane engine inspections. He even got to hang out with a dog of the real-life variety, TSA sniffer dog Dafi, but "not for long, since he was on the clock".

The social media posts encouraged the public to retweet and share the pictures, in the hopes the stuffed toy would eventually be reunited with its owners.