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Fox 19:  Crews at CVG continue to keep passengers safe as passenger travel increases

WXIX-TV 19 / Lauren Artino / May 6, 2021

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -Crews at The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, CVG, are continuing to keep passengers safe, especially before the summer, as they see an increase in travel.


The airport spokesperson Mindy Kershner says that passengers can see a few new changes such as a cleaning robot and touchless technology.

Kershner says that the circulated airflow on the planes is actually safe and they use filters, including a HEPA filter to help with circulation.


It’s what’s used in operating rooms. It’s a high-efficient filter used within the circulation system. So, the air is recirculated every two minutes through the filter, and there’s fresh air being supplied as well. The direction of the airflow in an aircraft is from top to bottom, and not along the length of the aircraft,” Kershner said.


In addition that, CVG offers rapid COVID-19 testing for passengers who choose to take a test.


Kershner says that more people are booking flights after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. They are expecting to see a 70% to 80% increase in travel.