Airport Discovery Tour

 Firemen & equipment


Tour Overview

Get a close-up view of the airfield as you drive around the ramp and watch crews service the aircraft.

Follow-up with a visit to the Fire Dept. or Airfield Maintenance Garage to see equipment unlike any you’ve seen before.

Or start out in the Fire Dept. or Airfield Maintenance and then visit the ramp.

Finish your tour with lunch and a relaxing visit to Holscher Park.

Schedule a tour.

Important Details

  • All tours are conducted by professional guides
  • Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance
  • Each tour lasts approximately 90 minutes
  • Custom tours may be arranged if guides are available
  • 15 or more people required for each tour group
  • Tours and parking are provided free of charge
  • For safety reasons, the minimum age to accompany a tour is 5 years