Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)

CVG Growth and Business Diversification

Proud to be awarded 2021 Best Work Places in NKY - COVID-19 Response

The airport, based in Kentucky and serving the Greater Cincinnati area, throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond, has grown as an airport, community partner, and business operation.  As one of the nation's fastest growing airports, CVG is deeply committed to driving economic growth while continuing to elevate the CVG experience.  

CVG is a community asset that is financially self-sustainable through strategic and diverse business operations.  As an economic driver, CVG is focused on:

  • Passenger and Cargo Growth
  • Land Development Growth
  • Innovation, Workforce Development, and More


  • Serving commercial passengers since 1947
  • Home to Amazon Air & DHL Global Air Hubs
  • 12 passenger airlines and tour operators, 50+ Nonstop Destinations, lowest average airfare in the Tri-state region
  • 7th largest cargo airport in North America 
  • $6.8 billion annual impact on the economy of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky MSA (2018)
  • 4 runways and 7,700 acres of airport property
  • 14,000+ badged employees at CVG
  • 70+ employers on CVG Campus
  • 47,000+ total jobs supported
  • Achieved Global Airport Health Accreditation (Fall 2020)

Passenger and Cargo Growth

With an increase in number of air carriers, expansion in number of routes, and decreasing average airfares, CVG has experienced record numbers with 9.1 million passengers in 2019, a 34% increase since 2016.  Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, CVG still offers the most nonstop destinations and the lowest average airfares in the region. 

Two new airlines have been added to the air carrier / tour operator list for CVG during 2021, with new routes and schedules added.  

Cargo growth has played a significant role in the transformation of CVG.   With two global air hubs operating out of CVG (Amazon Air and DHL) and the Amazon facility slated for opening in 2021, the numbers will continue to rise.  In 2018, cargo volume rose by 19% YOY, with more than 50% growth over the last three years. Currently, CVG is the 7th largest cargo airport in North America, with 1.5M tons handled for the 12 months ending March 2021, an 83% increase for 60 months ending March 2021. 

Cargo Infographic - April 2021
CVG Route Map with Logos - April 2021

Land Development Growth

An aerial view of the CVG footprint showcases how aviation-connected growth, combined with leasing airport property off the airfield, has transformed the CVG campus. 


Workforce Development

CVG is committed to meeting the growing and expanding workforce needs in our community.  Through the creation of the Strategic Workforce Collaborative, CVG is working with the more than 70 employers in need of talent and the creation of a vibrant workforce community, providing gainful employment and growth opportunities to diverse talent in the Tri-State region and beyond. 

The creation of the CVG Job Portal is one outcome of this group.  This Job Portal serves as a one-stop shop for job seekers interested in any and all opportunities available through the 70+ employers in and around the airport. 

Workforce Development Resources:

  1. Click Here to visit the Job Portal.
  2. Click Here for info on CVG Careers and partnership with Kentucky Career Center


The Innovation team at CVG is focused on using technologies to create efficiencies, better customer experiences, address sustainability, and so much more.  Through engagement with startups, integration with area universities and partnerships with established companies, CVG is making a difference in our airport and our community. 


The CVG History in Video

As we look forward with so much progress and improvement, Elevating the CVG Experience for our travelers and the community at CVG Airport, we look back to the beginning.   Enjoy these video chapters, each spanning a different decade, that give great flavor to the unique story of CVG and early history of CVG as a business.

  1. Introduction - CVG - Looking Back as We Build Forward
  2. CVG - Looking Back at the 1950's
  3. CVG - Looking Back at the 1960's
  4. CVG - Looking Back at the 1970's
  5. CVG - Looking Back at the 1980's
  6. CVG - Looking Back at the 1990's
  7. CVG - Looking Back as We Build Forward to the 21st Century


CVG - Looking Back at the 1950s

CVG - Looking Back at the 1960s

CVG - Looking Back at the 1970s

CVG - Looking Back at the 1980s

CVG - Looking Back at the 1990s

CVG - Looking Back as We Build Forward

There is unprecedented growth taking place at CVG from all sides of the business. On the passenger side, Increased routes, airline offerings and lower airfares have all contributed to the airport's record-breaking growth.  On the cargo side, CVG is home to two global cargo hubs - DHL and Amazon Air.  Businesses are building in and around the airport.  Innovation, sustainability, and elevating the CVG experience all remain key initiatives.