Is CVG open?

Yes, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is open and operating as usual. Travelers should check with their airlines on the status of their flight before leaving for the airport. Airline contact information.

Do I need to wear a mask at CVG?

As of April 18, 2022, wearing a face mask at the airport is optional. Check with your airline if you may be required to wear a mask on board aircraft.

If you don’t have a mask upon arrival but would like one, some airlines may be distributing masks. Airport stores may be selling PPE, including masks.

Which airlines require face masks?

Some airlines may require masks to be worn while on board aircraft. Check with your airline for the latest requirements.

Are restaurants, stores and services open?

Airport restaurants, stores and services are open, but some have reduced hours, and some may be temporarily closed. Concession availability can be found here.

Is COVID testing available on-site at CVG Airport?

Yes, CVG has partnered with Skyology Lab to offer on-site COVID-19 testing since February 2021. More info about test offerings, scheduling a test, and additional information can be found here.


Do I have to quarantine after arriving at CVG?

There are no general quarantine requirements in effect for travelers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana at this time.  

If I am flying out of or into CVG, will my temperature be taken?

No, the airport does not take the temperatures of passengers or employees on entry. Check with your airline for any carrier-specific requirements.  

What parking is available at CVG?

CVG has several parking products available. Visit this page for more information.  

Are there any changes at the TSA security checkpoint?

Some adjustments have been made to the TSA security checkpoint at CVG to ensure the safety and health of passengers and employees. All parties are encouraged to maintain social distancing when possible. Plexiglas guards have been installed at podiums. TSA officers continue the practice of changing gloves after each pat-down. TSA conducts routine cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and security screening equipment at the checkpoint.

Passengers are permitted to carry on a liquid hand sanitizer container of up to 12 ounces per passenger in carry-on bags until further notice.

Visit the TSA website for more information. 


How do I check on my flight status?

Travelers should check with their airline on the status of their flight before leaving for the airport.

Can I drop off or pick up a passenger at CVG?

Yes, you may drop off passengers on the departures level of the CVG Airport Terminal. When picking up passengers from CVG, we recommend parking in the CVG Airport Cell Phone Lot until you receive a call or text from your party that they have picked up their baggage and are heading outside. Signage will direct you to the CVG Airport Terminal, arrivals level, to pick up your party.

Is the Airplane Viewing Area (AVA) open?

The AVA is open and maintains normal hours of 8am to 10pm daily.

Are alcoholic beverages available at airport restaurants?

Various restaurants sell alcohol when they are open. Cork 'N Bottle also sells bottled alcohol and offers bourbon tastings. 

Check out our concessions information page, which is updated regularly for days and hours of operation for each of our concession offerings. 

In December 2020, CVG Airport Terminal facilities became a designated Entertainment Destination Center, allowing travelers to take to-go drinks from participating restaurants and bars at CVG and carry them throughout the designated areas. Find more CVG EDC info here

Do I need to quarantine if I fly from CVG to certain places?

Travelers should make themselves aware of any requirements, including mandatory quarantines, for their final destination, as well as any rules applicable on return home. Most restrictions relate to international destinations.  

Find more information on any travel advisories or state/federal mandates on our Fly Healthy Resource section here.

We also recommend downloading the phone app - Airport Check and Fly - where information can be found for individual airports. This app is free and maintained by ACI, Airports Council International.  




    How safe is it to be in an airplane?

    Airports and airplanes have gone to extensive lengths to ensure the safety and health of passengers and employees. Find more articles and research about the measures taken by the air travel industry here.  

    Do I need to have a COVID test to fly?

        The CDC continues to update requirements for testing associated with entering the US from another country. Find more info here.

        Travelers should check with their final destination for applicable testing requirements. Specific airlines may be required to test based on country or destination mandates.

        We also recommend downloading the phone app - Airport Check & Fly - where information can be found for individual airports. This app is free and maintained by ACI, Airports Council International.  

        CVG Airport offers on-site COVID testing, provided by Skyology Lab. More info about on-site COVID testing can be found here.

        Does CVG have free Wi-Fi?

            Yes, CVG has free Wi-Fi available. Look for the network: CVG Free.

            Do I need a Real ID to fly now?

                No, the federal government has delayed the effective date of the Real ID mandate until May 3, 2023.  

                More information about Real ID requirements can be found here