Facility Access Info


Terminal Access

  • The Terminal has three levels — upper level for ticketing and departing passengers, ground level for baggage claim and arriving passengers and lower level with a meeting point for greeting arriving passengers.  Map of the Terminal here. 
  • All entrances have accessible ramps from curb to the Terminal, and all facilities have elevators.
  • Passengers can be met curbside, at baggage claim, or at the Meeting Point on the lower level.
  • Only ticketed passengers with boarding passes are allowed beyond the security checkpoint. If a passenger with a disability requires assistance to/from the gate or medical equipment such as oxygen at the gate, a pass provided by the airline must be shown at the security checkpoint.


The distance from the departure level sidewalk to the ticket counter is approximately 175 feet. Accessible ramps are available to the terminal. View terminal layouts including the location of restrooms and animal relief areas, or get Step-by-Step Directions to and from your gate.



Elevators are available in the garage, Terminal and both Concourses. All elevators are equipped with emergency call buttons, Braille signage and raised numbers.


Luggage Carts

Carts are located in the CVG Terminal Garage and at the Terminal on both the ticketing and baggage claim levels for a nominal fee (cash and credit card accepted).  There are carts located at the Ground Transport West drop off / pick up location for all parking shuttles and hotel shuttles.  


Restrooms accessible to individuals with disabilities are located in the Terminal and both Concourses. Family assist restrooms are located near Gates A-11, B-11, and B-13 (after security).  There is an adult changing table in the family assist restroom at B-13.  

Adult Bathroom - 2020


The Airport has monitors throughout the terminals that visually convey information broadcast over the public address system. Callers wishing to page someone in the airport can call 859-767-3123.


Emergency Info

In case of emergency, audio visual fire alarms and automated external defibrillators are available throughout the airport.


Information Booths

Information booths are located in the Terminal and in both concourses.  All locations have access to language interpreters, including American Sign Language.


All parking facilities offer handicapped spaces. The CVG Terminal Garage offers accessible routes equipped with curb ramps. The CVG ValuPark Lot operates a free shuttle bus that is wheelchair accessible. For more information, call 859-767-3106 or email us.