CVG Airport expanded the Terminal facilities, beginning October 20, 2021. 

This page reflects the updated maps of the CVG Airport Terminal and related areas that impact travelers and visitors to the airport.  

Entrance Monument Sign - October 2021 2

Beginning October 20, 2021

Changes impacting travelers and visitors to CVG Airport

  • RENTAL CAR CUSTOMERS: Rental car pick up or drop off will take place in the new consolidated and connected Rental Car Center.
    • If flying: Rental cars will now be accessible by walking from baggage claim - no shuttles needed. Follow Terminal signage to Ground Transport West to the Rental Car Center inside the Terminal.
    • If local and not flying:  Travel to CVG Airport, follow signs for Arrivals/baggage claim to the front curb of the CVG Terminal.  Enter the Terminal, turn right and follow signage for Ground Transport West to get to the Rental Car Center.  
    • Rental car brand options and contact information here.
  • PARKING/HOTEL/RIDESHARE/SHUTTLES:  Any ground transportation provider that drops off or picks up travelers at the Terminal curbside may be dropping off and picking up in a different location - either Ground Transport West or Ground Transport East, beginning October 20, 2021. List and Maps on this page for reference.  
  • CVG VALET PARKING:  CVG Valet opens and will be accessed via Ground Transport West.  Follow wayfinding signage for Arrivals and then Valet.  Map here of the new location beginning October 20, 2021.

Terminal Map - both levels - October 2021

Baggage claim entrance to new facility - October 2021
Ground Transport West with Rental Car Noted on List
Map of Ground Transport West with Rental Car Center noted
Ground Transport East List October 2021
Ground Transport East Map 10 2021