Our dedicated team of employees strives every day to deliver exceptional service. We appreciate the positive feedback for a job well done. We also welcome constructive criticism because it gives us the chance to get it right next time. Please share your feedback and tell us how we're doing. — Candace McGraw, CEO

Peace of Mind — Thanks so much for apprehending the suspect after I was the subject of identity theft. The team effort of your police officers and dispatchers was outstanding. I now have peace of mind again. — Susan S., Cincinnati, 5/17

Going Beyond — I got lost driving through the Airport trying to return my rental car. I was late to catch a flight for a job interview when one of your officers stopped me for a traffic violation. I was extremely stressed. The officer was not only patient and sympathetic to my situation, he helped me make my flight. He was just awesome and went beyond what is expected. — Sandra B., Cincinnati, 2/17

Sense of Peace — The police and paramedics that came when my daughter needed medical attention were so helpful and added a sense of peace to a very stressful situation. The airline pulled my luggage off the plane right away and even delivered it to the hospital along with a credit for my flight. We are getting released from the hospital today and my daughter is doing much better. Thank you all for the help! — Megan B., Cincinnati, 10/16

Helpful and Kind — I park in ValuPark at least 3 times per month. Because I’m handicapped and need more assistance. The greeters, bus drivers and cashiers have all been so helpful and kind. They call me by my first name. They know my vehicle and always make sure the bus is available right away. It’s more than great service. It’s a feeling that they actually care and want to help. — Sandra S., Cincinnati, 10/16

Pay it Forward — We were waiting for our companions to arrive when we realized we couldn't go back through security for food. We saw Sharon, who was on her lunch break. We asked if she could grab us something to eat if we gave her the money. She returned with food and gave us all our money back! It was a true act of paying it forward.” — Stephan Rosen, New Jersey, 10/16

Friendly Greeting — I'd like to recognize the employee at the Starbucks next to Gate 8 in Concourse B this morning. Her customer service, attitude and performance under pressure were all excellent! Thank you for the friendly greeting and smile. — Jeff A., Crescent Springs, 8/16

Wonderful People — I’d like to alert you to the fine professionals you have at CVG. I recently fell on the way to my flight. Three wonderful emergency workers helped me up, treated me with ice, calmed me and made sure I was OK before I went to my gate. Thank you for hiring such wonderful people. — Deborah C., Zanesville, 11/15

Follow Through — I lost a sweater of no great value except to me. I was given the lost and found number and I left a message without any expectation of hearing from anyone. This past Friday I received a call. I can't tell you how impressed I am with such follow through. The staff was so friendly but also very professional. Thank you so much. — Robyn P., Connecticut, 11/15

All Smiles — This is by far our favorite airport. The TSA agent saw that we have five small children and allowed us through the line, making things so much easier. The lady at the information booth gave our kids crayons & booklets to color. Karen from your maintenance team saw that one of our babies was headed out of the play area and stopped to talk with us. After she left she pulled up to the window in her truck and waived, making all the kids very happy. Thank you for the great level of service you provide. — Nicholas S., Disney World, 9/15

The Best — My wife and I just went to Bora Bora on our honeymoon. Of all of the airports we passed through, CVG was the cleanest, quickest, and had the best amenities. Specially I wanted to compliment you on the Value Park service. My wife left her camera in the car. The shuttle driver took her straight back to her car and directly back to the terminal. — Matt E., Newport, 7/15

Awesome — We flew from CVG to Kansas City yesterday and a nicer, friendlier, better laid out airport we have yet to find anywhere. Plenty of good food, areas to relax, helpful staff...I could go on. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers — Werner W., Australia, 7/15

Make a Wish — Thank you all for your enthusiasm and creativity in establishing our partnership. All our families have loved seeing the welcome signs. We look forward to working with you in the future — Ali & Caitlyn, Cincinnati, 2/15

Amazing — I wanted to let you know about an amazing employee who assisted me in the parking garage. He picked me up in the courtesy shuttle, said good morning, asked how I was doing and put my bags on the shuttle. Upon getting to the elevator he got my bag for me and wished me a wonderful flight. It was a lovely and warm interaction. — Megan N., Cincinnati, 1/15

Kind Hearted — I recently got lost on my way to CVG and used your curbside valet parking so my mother wouldn't miss her flight. Upon picking up my car I noticed it had a flat tire. Your team went above and beyond to help me. Not only did they put air in my tire, they made sure that all my other tires were OK. I wish more people were as kind hearted. — Martha D, Dayton, 1/15

Soaring Above — Our experience with the SOAR Program was wonderful. How lucky we are to live in a city with such support for autistic children! We would like to express our gratitude. We are very thankful for your team's help in putting together this program. — SOAR Participant, Cincinnati, 12/14

Pleasurable — We have been making use quite often of your airport. Personally I find it to be quite clean, your staff courteous, your TSA employees patient and the check-in staff most pleasurable. It has been a pleasure to visit and use CVG. — Mark M., Cincinnati, 11/14

Wonderful — I had a wonderful experience with your staff while taking my friend's 93-year-old dad to the airport. I sent an email about my situation. Your staff responded immediately to make sure we had a wheel chair and got to the gate. You made it such a pleasant experience. — Bonnie D., Cincinnati, 11/14

Outstanding — Flying into your airport for the first time, with my elderly mother in a wheelchair, I expected to have a hard time retrieving luggage and getting into a vehicle. The assistance you gave us both was outstanding. Your customer service skills are stellar. — Jane I, Cincinnati, 10/14

Grateful — Thank you for assisting us to our car after our arrival into CVG. My husband has problems with his sight. We were extremely grateful for the polite, courteous and helpful service. It was a blessing to us. — Shirley F., Cincinnati, 8/14

Impeccable — I arrived at the airport to pick up my daughter. When I could not locate her outside of Bag Claim, one of your Public Safety Assistants accompanied me to the ticket counter, where I learned her flight had been delayed until the following day. Amid the stress and confusion of the situation, your kindness and personal attention were examples of impeccable service. — Joan C., Cincinnati, 8/14

Considerate — I must express my thanks and appreciation for the kind, caring and helpful consideration one of your police officers extended to my husband, who had fallen on the moving walkway while trying to maneuver his walker. The officer accompanied us until our shuttle arrived. We are so grateful for his assistance and kindness. — Doris L., Cincinnati, 5/14

Good Night — I arrived late one night and had to stay at the airport overnight. One of your police officers suggested I stay in the lounge downstairs and helped carry my luggage. He then ensured that another security employee would watch over me as I waited out the night. All these kindnesses were so touching and made a difficult situation much easier. — Sharon L., Canada, 4/14

In Good Company — I want you to know how very much I appreciated your assistance with my father. He is 87 and was traveling alone. I phoned and explained my concern. When he got off the plane, someone was there to meet him. She saw to his luggage, made sure he had lunch and stayed with him until he got on the plane. I can't say enough good things about your staff. — Jan P., Florida, 4/14

True Honor — I wish to bring to your attention the actions of one of your police officers for her assistance retrieving a lost brief case containing an Army Commendation Medal. The officer contacted me via cell phone and arranged for the brief case to be forwarded to my final destination. She also provided a phone number and requested that I contact her to verify receipt. Her actions were beyond the call of duty and directly contributed to an Army Staff Sergeant receiving his Commendation Medal. — Gordon E., Columbus, 3/14

Great Service — My wife and I were very impressed with the service in your ValuPark lot. We were in a rush to make our flight on Dec. 25. The parking attendant told us exactly where to park. We found a shuttle waiting for us, which was amazing. The driver offered to help unload our car and was incredibly friendly. Upon our return the driver helped us find our snow-covered car and even offered to help scrape off the ice. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised by good customer service. — Jason C., Louisville, 1/14

Missing Purse — Upon arrival at our hotel after a late evening flight, my wife discovered her purse was missing. A call was placed to the Airport Police. We were so fortunate to have an officer come to our aid. Inasmuch as we were unfamiliar with the area, he saw to it that we had transportation to pick up the purse. He helped verify that it was my wife's and that the contents were intact. He then saw to it that we had transportation back to our hotel. His friendliness and cheerful demeanor did wonders to relieve our stress and anxiety. — David H., Utah, 11/13

Unexpected — Recently, your lost and found department returned some electronics that we had left on an airplane. He made the effort to study it and go to the maker of the article to find us. These days, I do not expect this type of response, so I wanted to thank you for continuing to support this type of quality service. — Warren M., California, 10/13

Good Neighbor — In recent days I have been witness to CVG's Fire Dept. delivering aid and assistance to neighboring communities in their time of need. I complement your personnel for the cooperation and teamwork displayed during the tractor-trailer fire in Walton and the leaking gasoline tanker in Piner. The aid provided during these incidents demonstrates the commitment that CVG has to providing emergency aid and assistance. — Mark I., Burlington, 10/13

Lost & Found — I was in Cincinnati for a family weekend recently. When I departed, I discovered my coat missing. The items inside were more valuable than the coat itself. I contacted your Police. A couple of hours later they called and asked me to describe the missing items, which were then delivered to my office less than 24 hours later. I am forever grateful to the person who turned in the coat. I am also thankful for your staff's professionalism. — Jim C., Colorado, 10/13

My Angels — I had a seizure in one of the stores near my gate. The two EMTs were my angels. They were so incredibly kind. The gentleman who sat in the back of the ambulance held my hand the whole ride, and made sure my mom was there before he left the hospital. You have an incredible staff. — Katie F., Cincinnati, 8/13

Honor Flight — You and your staff really went the extra mile, adding a whole new dimension to the concept of customer service. Our goal for the Welcome Home is to give veterans the kind of greeting they might not have received the first time. Your extra effort made everything more spectacular. — Deanna B., Ft. Thomas, 8/13

Compassion — Last Friday when my flight was cancelled, I went to the Sky Club to rebook. During this time two of the employees learned that I had just heard upsetting news about my grandson. They showed compassion, understanding and empathy, which raised my spirits. It surprised me that strangers would be so caring. — Catharine S., Cincinnati, 7/13

Wonderful — I just witnessed a wonderful act of customer service. A member of the janitorial staff named Stephen saw a small child get separated from his mother as she was going down the escalator. The child was crying. Stephen went over, calmed the child, took his hand and rode with him down the escalator. It was just really sweet. It made the mother feel wonderful. — Sarah R., Cincinnati, 7/13

Easy Does It — I've enjoyed using Parking Advantage and feel that CVG has gotten it right with this program. The biggest value to me has been the quick in and out, and the online receipts.” — Todd J., Covington, 6/13

Panic Button — One of your custodians was very helpful when a button on my sweater got caught in one of the metal seats. He saw we were struggling and he came over to help. We would not have been able to get it out without his assistance. — Chuck T., Cincinnati, 5/13

On a Mission — Thank you for your assistance getting medical supplies onto the plane for our mission to Ecuador. You certainly went above and beyond. Having these supplies will benefit many children. There is no way to know just how many lives you have touched with your efforts. — Judy K., Villa Hills, 5/13

On a Roll — I have never had to negotiate an airport before in a wheelchair. I want to tell you about the extraordinary service I received from a young man who assisted me. He was personable and polite. He thought of any needs I might have and offered to assist. This young man took great pride in his work and had true hospitality in his character. — Michele C., New York, 4/13

Helping Hand — I appreciate your kindness to my wife and myself. When you saw us trying to catch our flight, you readily assisted by carrying one of my bags as you led us to our gate. But for you we might have missed our flight. It was also very kind of you to buy bottles of water for us. May God grant you success in all your undertakings. — Stephen I., Nigeria, 4/13