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Hidden Disabilities

Sunflower Lanyard Program

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) has partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower organization to bring its Sunflower Lanyard program to CVG.

The organization, based in the United Kingdom, helps people with hidden disabilities discreetly inform others – through the use of a Sunflower printed lanyard (or another Sunflower-branded worn item) – that they have a disability that may not be readily apparent. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower indicates to anyone approaching – especially those in customer service roles – a person wearing one of these items may need more assistance and that patience is appreciated.

  • Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

    How it works is simple. Travelers ask for a lanyard at one of the locations listed below and determine for themselves when to wear them. Anyone who feels they have a hidden disability can request one. There are no prerequisites for asking for or wearing a lanyard. When someone working at the airport sees an individual wearing a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower-branded item, they will know that this person may need extra assistance/patience.

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