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CVG named one of the top airports worldwide for customer experience


Thanks to our travelers who participated in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) surveys, CVG has now been named a top airport in North America that serves five to 15 million passengers a year. We are also one of eight airports in the world to be inducted into Airports Council International (ACI) World Director General’s Roll of Excellence – a recognition given to airports that have won multiple ASQ awards over a five-year period.

“Delivering an excellent customer experience continues to be a shared priority for all of us at CVG,” said Candace McGraw, CEO, CVG. “We are proud to be included in this year’s Roll of Excellence for the Airport Service Quality Awards, a distinction based on direct, positive passenger feedback over the last five years.”

Police Officer Waving Outside Checkpoint

Overall, the ASQ survey results showed that CVG passengers were most pleased with the courtesy and helpfulness of our staff and were most satisfied with the ease of accessing the terminal and traveling through the airport. Every survey response matters to CVG and will be used to continue the airport’s mission of redefining and elevating the role of an airport. If you would like to share your feedback next time you fly through CVG, look for an airport team member being followed by a droid-like robot. That robot is used to carry iPads for the surveys. We guess you could say it’s responsible for human-airport relations (for Star Wars fans). Thank you for traveling through CVG and naming the airport a top one in the world.

Gita at CVG