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Air Cargo

CVG is the 6th largest cargo airport in North America and the 12th largest globally (2023). Growth in air cargo has played a significant role in the transformation of CVG. Home to Amazon Air Hub and DHL’s Global Super Hub for the Americas—along with a significant presence by FedEx and others, CVG remains a logistics leader in the air cargo industry.

Cargo plane being loaded.
  • CVG Cargo at a Glance

    • World leading e-commerce hub
    • 11,203 landings per year
    • 24/7 operations and customs availability
    • CAT III runways
    • 6th largest air cargo airport in North America
    • Widebody MRO facilities on airport
    • 570+ acres available for cargo and logistics development
  • CVG Airport's Campus

    CVG Airport Campus Overview

    Hangar Row

    CVG is the fastest growing cargo airport in the world, with 70% growth over the last five years. To continue this growth, the airport has a vison to develop 350 acres of airside real estate on the airport’s south side of campus. The project’s goal is to create a one-stop-shop on airport property with the development of additional aircraft repair and maintenance operations.

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    Cargo Village

    Development of the Cargo Village allows CVG to continue to grow and diversify cargo operations. The airport is working with freight forwarders, developers, and other organizations that specialize in general cargo activity: shipping large parcels and high-value goods without time-sensitive delivery requirements. These businesses would complement Amazon’s and DHL’s express shipping operations at CVG.

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