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How to Do Business with CVG Airport

The CVG Contract & Procurement Administration office provides a range of professional purchasing and contracting services to all departments at CVG. Our mission is to serve, support and collaborate with our customers to ensure the best results for each expenditure by delivering timely, accurate and cost-effective solutions while treating all providers of goods and services equally and fairly.


CVG utilizes PlanetBids as the electronic bidding platform. Complete vendor registration to be notified of future bid or proposal opportunities.

PlanetBids Registration
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Vendor Resources

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions
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Have a Question? Contact Us!
  • Have a Question? Contact Us!

    If you have a question about CVG Airport's procurement process, please reach out to one of our staff members who would be happy to help!

    CVG Contract & Procurement Staff
  • Purchasing Requirements
  • Purchasing Requirements

    Interested in learning more about our purchasing requirements? We have the information you need to know!

  • Future Opportunities

    CVG Airport may issue Invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposals for the following projects in February and March 2024.

    • Automated People Mover (APM) Modernization Design
    • Miami University Airport Hangar Development
    • Emergency Environmental & Hazardous Material Spill Response
    • Environmental Operations Dam Repairs
    • Automated Boarding Announcements
    • IT Management System
    • Online Bidding System
    • Ford Parts
    • Concrete Slab Lifting
    • Wireless Hardware and Support
    • On-Call Fencing Repairs
    • Medical Billing Services
    • Underwriting Services
    • ARFF Equipment AFFF Foam Decontamination
    • Job Order Contracting
    • Janitorial Supplies

    Business Diversity & Development