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Jet with Jay

A photo of Jay Kruz jumping on the Ticketing Bridge.
  • About Me

    When I'm not DJing on Cincinnati's Mix 94.9, you can find me traveling the world and sharing my journeys here.

  • Jay's Latest Adventures

    A photo of a little girl in the TSA line with a black suitcase and a unicorn rainbow backpack.
  • TSA Q&A: How to Get Through Security Faster

    You can plan out many things when you fly: where you’ll park, what to pack, and when you’ll arrive at the airport. But one of the biggest variables in air travel that often adds stress is the security checkpoint line.

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  • A wide photo of a beach in Cancun with white sand, crystal blue water, and resorts.
  • Cancun Awaits: Your Journey Begins at CVG

    When was the last time you turned off your phone, closed your laptop, and spent some quality time lounging on the beach?

    If it’s been a minute, let’s chat about why you should consider Cancun and Riviera Maya as your next vacation destination.

  • A photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on a sunny day with greenery all around.
  • Say “Oui!” to Picture Perfect Paris (and beyond!)

    All eyes will be on Paris this summer as the 2024 Summer Olympics make their way to The City of Lights. If you’re planning a trip, I want to help!

  • A photo of Randy Williams in Bhutan standing in front of buildings built on cliffs.
  • This Guy Visited Every Country on Earth...Then Started His Own

    Meet Randy “R-Dub!” Williams. He’s the host of the nationally syndicated Sunday Night Slow Jams program heard on radio stations around the world. But it’s not just a cool job that makes Randy unique: he has set foot in every single country in the world.

  • A photo of the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C.
  • Six Things You'll Totally Dig in Washington, D.C.

    There’s more to Washington, D.C., than just politics. It doesn’t matter if you lean blue, red, or some kind of purple, you’ll love the historic monuments, top-notch food, and cool hotel options across the DMV (D.C. - Maryland - Virginia).

  • A photo of Jay Kruz holding a fish while fly fishing in Colorado.
  • Here's Why Colorado Should Be Your Next Vacation

    Hello Colorado! Here’s Why Colorado Should Be Your Next Vacation Colorado is an absolutely breathtaking blend of cities, mountains, valleys, snow, and sun.

  • A photo of Jay Kruz standing in front of a Flight Information Display System.
  • Five Things First Time Flyers Need to Know!

    Who’s excited to fly? This guy! Five Things First-Time Flyers Need to Know! According to Forbes Magazine, 13% of Americans have never been on an airplane.

  • A photo of the Cotswolds in England.
  • Britain's Best Bets (from actual British people who live in Cincinnati!)

    Hello London! Thanks to British Airways, CVG now has the region’s only nonstop flights to London!

  • A photo of Jay Kruz and his wife in Europe.
  • Let's go farther...for less! It's time for Fare Hunters: International

    Does it feel like everyone you know wants to plan a dream vacation to Europe?

    You’re not dreaming.

  • A photo of someone biking at Hobie Island Beach Park.
  • Four Tips to Help Plan Your Last-Minute Florida Vacation

    Spring break has been on school calendars for months, and many parents and college students have been planning their trips for just as long.

  • A photo of Jay Kruz and his wife in London.
  • Four Reasons You Should Be Planning Your Trip to London Right Now

    It was Thanksgiving Eve 2017, and while our friends were out at the bars, we hopped on a flight from CVG to Paris and onward to London.

  • A photo of Huntington Beach.
  • New Airline, New Places, New Nonstop Options!

    2022 has been the year of “revenge travel” (aka: going on all those trips to make up for lost time!) and what better way to get back out there than with another new airline at CVG!

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    A photo of Jay Kruz in front of a blue wall at CVG that showcases the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky skyline.
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    You can go from CVG for a lot less than you think! Check out my latest travel deals.

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