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Best time to book your flight

Whether you’re flying with family for fun, booking it out of town for business, or sightseeing cities solo, CVG has done our research and we have answers on how early in advance you should book your flight. Here is a hint, the timeframe may have changed from what you have done in previous years.

Flying within the United States?

CVG can get you where you want to go in any direction within the United States with more than 50 nonstop flight destinations to choose from. Click here to view the list. CVG recommends you book your flight 90 days in advance, about three months, to get the best chance of getting a good deal.

Flying outside the United States?

CVG has nonstop flights to the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Paris, and starting in June, you can fly to London with the airport’s new airline, British Airways. If you want to book a trip outside of the country, it’s best to book at least three to five months in advance.

What days of the week will get you the best deal on flights?

Generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are considered off peak days and carry the lowest fares as long as you’re staying over a weekend, although these prices typically only vary minimally.

Don’t forget to arrive early

Experts are predicting summer 2023 to be the busiest travel season in over a decade. To give yourself plenty of time, arrive at CVG two hours in advance for domestic flights, and at least three hours in advance for international flights.

Ready to start booking? [Click here] to view fare deals of out of CVG.