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Travel like a pro: CVG insider tips

Your vacation starts as soon as you arrive at CVG Airport. Here are some insider tips so you can take off on your trip like a professional.

Breeze through lines

  • If you are flying American or United, use CVG’s new service, Bags Inc., to valet-check your bags and check into your flight. There are two stations in the rental car facility on the first or third floor. The service is $3 per bag and is available up to 60 minutes before departure. Learn more [here].

  • For those who need an extra hand from curb to gate, SkySquad is available, too. This company offers a paid, reservation-based airport assistance experience. Click [here] to learn more.

  • Use TSA PreCheck or CLEAR to get through security faster. You need to apply in advance for TSA PreCheck, but CLEAR representatives are available at the airport to help you sign up.

  • Check into your flight in advance using your airline’s app or website. You can expect your airline ticket counter to be busy two hours in advance of your flight.

  • Not sure what you can bring through the security checkpoint? TSA has a detailed list on their website.


Fuel up before your flight

  • Starting in early June 2023, Ottonomy robots will deliver Subway to your gate in Concourse A. This is especially helpful for parents who have their hands full (literally) or anyone who prefers to get straight to their gate. You can order ahead online or in person by scanning the QR code on a robot. Learn more at orderatcvg.com.

  • If you’re looking to fill up on local beer before your flight, CVG's new brewery, Braxton Brewing Company is open in Concourse A. This new brewery complements the [many other food and drink options at the airport].

  • Mornings are the busiest time at CVG, and—you’ve guessed it—a lot of people prefer to get their coffee before they fly. Use the Starbucks app to order ahead and pick up your coffee in [Concourses A or B].

  • If you arrive at least two hours in advance and want to relax before your flight, we highly recommend the lounges at CVG. Buying a lounge pass gets you unlimited food and drinks before your flight. [The Club CVG] is in Concourse A, and the [Escape Lounge] is in Concourse B. Passengers flying on Delta Air Lines also can take advantage of the Delta Sky Club in Concourse B.


If you are traveling with kids and ready to be on autopilot:

In addition to using the Ottonomy robots listed above, here are other tips if you are traveling with children.

  • Planes + food + playtime. It does not get much better than that if you’re traveling with kids. The play area in Concourse B is in the back of the food court near the windows facing the airfield. It is the perfect place to let your kids burn off energy before they fly. Your kids can eat their food, watch planes take off and land, and play in the fun, animal-themed play area.

  • New. CVG now has a [kids sensory room in Concourse A] just past Over-the-Rhine Market in the corridor heading to Gate A4.

  • If you want to save the screen time for the flight, the information desks located in both concourses, and in the baggage claim area, have coloring sheets and crayons for your kiddos.

  • If you have a child who is flying for the first time, let an airline representative know. Often, they will give kids a special airline pin, and many pilots will give kids a sneak peak of the plane’s controls.

In addition to the tips above, we want to remind all travelers to arrive at least two hours in advance if you’re traveling domestically and three hours in advance if you’re traveling internationally. It’s important to [keep all CVG’s parking options on your radar]. This includes CVG Valet, CVG Terminal Garage, CVG ValuPark, and CVG Economy Lot.

As you take off on your trip from CVG, whether it is for business or leisure, we would love to see your photos and learn of any pro travel tips you’d like to share with other travelers. Please send them to cvgcommunications@cvgairport.com.