CVG Parking Advantage®



  • Efficient Ticketless Parking
  • Free Parking Rewards
  • Available at all open CVG Parking Locations

Entering and Exiting

Upon entrance to any CVG location, simply hold your Parking Advantage card against the white bullseye on the parking kiosk.  Utilize any exit lane marked "Advantage," repeat the process with your Parking Advantage card at the kiosk.  Your credit card on file will be charged, reward points will be added automatically, and a receipt will be emailed each time you exit.  

You also earn points for free parking in CVG Valet, the CVG Terminal Garage, CVG ValuPark, and the CVG Economy Lot. Other benefits include dedicated parking in the CVG Terminal Garage. You can also manage your account online and print receipts from your computer.

To enter and exit the Terminal Garage, ValuPark lot, or the Economy Lot, simply hold your Advantage parking card in front of the card reader until the gate opens. See below for Valet instructions. 

  • CVG Valet — Upon dropping off your vehicle, scan your card at the reader before entering the Terminal. When picking up your vehicle, present your card to the attendant at the checkout desk.  This service closed March 2020 and will re-open October 20, 2021 in a new location - Ground Transport West.  Directions here.  
  • CVG Terminal Garage — Scan your Advantage card at any entrance or exit lane. 
  • CVG ValuPark — Card readers are located in both entrance lanes. Use any lane marked Advantage to exit.
  • CVG Economy Lot - Scan your Advantage card at any entrance or exit lane.

Free Parking Rewards

Members earn points in all CVG-owned parking facilities.  Each time the Advantage card is utilized in any CG parking location, members receive points which can be redeemed for free parking on future visits.  To view your points balance and schedule redemptions, sign into your account.  

  • CVG Valet = 30 points per paid day
  • CVG Terminal Garage = 20 points per paid day
  • CVG ValuPark® = 10 points per paid day
  • CVG Economy Lot® = 10 points per paid day

Members earn one point for every dollar spent up to the daily maximum rate, with bonus points when the daily max is reached. Points are earned only by using your Advantage parking card to enter and exit.

Using Free Parking Points

As soon as you earn points for free parking you can use them at any time. To redeem points and park for free, sign in to your account online and click on your Rewards Tab. You can view your total points and assign any number of them for free parking. Your reward points will be automatically deducted from your account on the date(s) you select.


  • 300 points = 1 free day in CVG Valet
  • 200 points = 1 free day in CVG Terminal Garage
  • 100 points = 1 free day in CVG ValuPark 
  • 100 points = 1 free day in CVG Economy Lot

Note: If you later have to cancel your trip, it is important that you sign into your account and cancel the parking date(s) prior to your date of departure, otherwise the reward points will be automatically deducted from your account.

If you do not have enough points to cover the entire length of your stay, the remaining days will be billed to your credit card on file. If you have separate credit cards for business and personal expenses, be sure to have both cards on file. Prior to traveling for leisure, for example, log into your account and select your personal credit card as your primary card for that trip.

Expiration of Points

The points that you earn for free parking will expire if there is no activity on the account within a one-year period. The account is automatically deleted if there is no activity within two years.

Combined Offers

Free parking points cannot be earned or redeemed in combination with any discount coupon or special offer.

Gate Doesn't Open

Contact the customer service department at (859) 767-7400 for assistance or press the white button located on the ticket dispenser adjacent to the card reader.

New Parking Cards

Your Advantage parking card is used for access to CVG parking, for payment of parking charges and for earning free parking points. See above for instructions on using your card.

It typically takes two weeks to receive your Advantage parking card upon signing up for the program. CVG Parking Advantage cards are non-transferable.

Lost cards can be replaced for a fee of $10, which is charged to your credit card on file, or a deduction of 200 points from the account. Call 859-767-7400 or email

Receipts for Parking

We will automatically email you a receipt each time you park. You can also sign in to your account to print receipts any time.

Accessing Your Account

Sign in to your account page to update account information, assign points for free parking and print receipts.

Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, you can request a new one from the sign-in screen. Simply give your e-mail address along with your user name or last name. We will email a new password to you. If you forget your user name, e-mail us at or call 859-767-7400.

Contacting Us

Call 859-767-7400 or e-mail For assistance while exiting, press the white button located on the ticket dispenser adjacent to the card reader.

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