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Employee Parking Guidelines

at CVG Airport 

  1. Access to the CVG Employee Parking Lot is available through the use of an authorized CVG issued Identification Badge.  Employees swipe their badge at entry and exit badge readers to park in the lot.


  2. Employees are transported to and from the CVG Airport Terminal via airport shuttles. Pick up and drop off in the Employee lot is available at designated shuttle stops.     


  3. To obtain a CVG badge, contact the CVG Badging Office at 859-767-3171 to verify eligibility and begin the badging process.


  4. Parking is for authorized employees only.  Remember to keep your badge current. If expired, you will not be able to enter the lot. Proceed to Badging Office for renewal or call 859-767-3171.


  5. Any badge misuse will result in fees being paid and loss of parking privileges for all parties involved.


  6. Badge misuse is:


    • Using someone else's badge:   No person will use or attempt to use another’s CVG ID Badge for any purpose whatsoever
    • Allowing another to use your badge:  No Person will allow or permit another person to use or attempt to use their or any other person's CVG ID Badge, for any purpose whatsoever.
    • Piggybacking in/out with another vehicle.
    • Swiping in/out for others.

  7. Employees may park one vehicle only.  No storage permitted. No oversized vehicles, construction vehicles, or RV’s.  Parking longer than 60 days is prohibited; vehicles will be towed.
  • Removal – Any vehicle that is parked longer than 60 days, in any unauthorized area, disabled, abandoned, left by the owner/operator, or otherwise permitted to be removed or impounded by any existing law, rule, or regulation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky may be removed from the Airport and may be impounded, all at the expense of the owner, by or at the direction of the Airport Police Department, or the CEO, without any liability for damage or other cause.