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The Winold Reiss Industrial Murals

CVG is the proud home of 5 Winold Reiss industrial murals. Originally a set of 16 tile mosaic murals, the works were created by Winold Reiss for Cincinnati Union Terminal from 1931 to 1932 and later moved to CVG in August 1973.

Originally commissioned as oil paintings, Reiss chose to create each mural as a mosaic to protect the art from the elements of a working train station. The murals portray 35 workers of industries within Cincinnati, Ohio and are meant celebrate labor, a common theme for art at the time.

Each mural is a silhouette mosaics, using nickel-size colored glass tile, trimmed, and shaped individually, imbedded in tinted mortar. The tiles form the main elements of the murals, while pigmented plaster forms the backgrounds. Each mural measures 20’ high x 20’ long, 8” deep and weighs 7.3 tons.

All 5 Winold Reiss industrial murals are on display at CVG’s Main Terminal.

  • Drug and Chemical Processing (Williams S. Merrell Chemical Company)

  • Roof Manufacture (Philip Carey Co.)

  • Piano Making (Baldwin Piano Company)

  • Ink Making (Ault & Weiborg Corp.)

  • Sheet Steel Making (American Rolling Mills and Newport Rolling Mill)