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Vehicle Permits

All operators of commercial vehicles must have an airport permit to transport passengers at CVG. To apply for a permit or to obtain other forms, use the links below. See Section 500.00 of the Rules and Regulations of the Kenton County Airport Board (KCAB) for additional detail.

Obtaining a Vehicle Permit

Vehicle Permit Document

Permit Forms

Operating Policies

Rules and Regulations

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Autonomous Vehicle Permits

Pursuant to Section 507.00 of the Rules and Regulations of the Kenton County Airport Board (KCAB), CVG desires to support the proper integration of Autonomous Vehicles (A/V) into the operations of the airport and welcomes interest in A/V on campus.

An application for a permit is required to be submitted before the use of A/V at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (“CVG”) may be considered. Please provide complete responses for all information requested. Failure to do so many result in denial of a permit.

Applicants are expressly advised that neither Applicant’s execution of such agreement nor provision of stipulated insurance coverages therein is guaranteed to result in permit issuance. Furthermore, any such permit is expressly revocable by KCAB at any time for any reason.

Applications will be reviewed in a timely manner.

To receive an application for autonomous vehicle permitting and operations at CVG, please email innovation@CVGairport.com

For questions or for status updates, please contact:
Kenton County Airport Board
Innovation Administration Department