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Elevate CVG

About Elevate CVG

Elevate CVG is a multi-year program to boost operational efficiency, modernize facilities, and foster an intentional customer-centric experience.

In spring 2023, the CVG Airport Authority hosted an industry day to brief potential consultants and contractors on planned upcoming Terminal Modernization work, collectively referred to as Elevate CVG. Work on this program continues internally but has been delayed from original time estimates. An updated timeline will be posted as plans are further outlined. The Airport Authority expects a revised schedule to be shared in mid-March 2024.

Key Priorities
  • Key Priorities
    • Efficient: Boost efficiency by expanding ticketing counters, enlarging the security check-point, and reconfiguring the baggage handling system.
    • Modern: Modernize facilities through thoughtful design that creates a fresh and welcoming environment.
    • Intentional: Implement a phased approach to minimize impact on travelers and ultimately create an intentional customer-centric experience.
  • Elevate CVG Projects

    Welcome Point
  • Welcome Point

    One of the first projects is to reconfigure the Welcome Point and install new exit lane technology on the lower level of the Terminal. Construction consists of two phases, which started in August 2023 and is expected to be finished by early 2024.

  • Baggage System
  • Baggage System

    Another part of this modernization program involves the design and installation of a new baggage handling system. The new system will enhance operational efficiency and bag processing times. Design of this critical system may take about nine to 12 months with construction taking place over several phases for three years.

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