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What Innovation Means to CVG

At CVG, airport innovation is our culture. We are committed to exploring and advancing what's new and next for the benefit of our passengers, airport campus, and global industry.

We aim to bring Big Companies, startups, universities and governments to come together and to test technology and improve processes. In this way, we continue to redefine and elevate the role of the airport.

CVG Innovation Verticals

Although we target the four industry verticals below, we also ensure that our approach is equally broad. This is to ensure that we're not arbitrarily limiting ourselves to what the possibilities are for the talent and technology to develop, survive, and thrive in CVG's city-like environment and beyond.

  • Transport

    Remaining ahead of transportation infrastructure demands and adopting new technology to advance the industry

  • Clean
  • Clean

    Serving as a socially conscious neighbour for the region and industry, supporting R&D, implementing best practices, and pushing beyond regulated minimums.

  • Secure
  • Secure

    Anticipating sensitive security implications, Emerging threats and soft targets on behalf of our customers, visitors, employees and industry

  • Connect
  • Connect

    Creating curated experiences for CVG customers, ensuring information is accurate, meaningful, and empowering to build confidence in the airport experience

  • Approach

    Our networking approach is intentionally designed to source emerging talent and support pilot engagements that accelerate product development.

    CVG's journey in innovation began amidst changing vendor dynamics and financial challenges. Seeking new solutions, the team ventured beyond industry norms, connecting with Purdue University for pioneering Bluetooth technology. This partnership birthed queue management solutions, pioneering real-time TSA wait time reporting in 2014, now a global standard. Led by CEO Candace McGraw and supported by a diverse, visionary Board, CVG saw the potential to not just innovate but commercialize solutions. This strategic approach has positioned the airport as a brand and a revenue generator, driving its ongoing success in innovation and collaborations.

    Innovation in Action

    University Partners
    University Partners
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