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Noise Abatement

Airport Commitment to Community

To maintain safe operations, take-off and landing patterns are primarily determined by wind direction and weather. Second to safety is the desire to minimize the impact of aircraft noise on residential areas. CVG has a longstanding commitment to addressing noise concerns:

  • Majority of nighttime activity is directed over less populated areas
  • Industry-leading flight tracking system monitors compliance
  • Designated departure corridors are designed to keep larger jets away from residential areas

Flight paths animations

Disclaimer: Plane animation is for visual understanding of runway use only. It is not an actual depiction of aircraft departures and arrivals.

Daytime Operations (7am-10pm): Aircraft takeoff and land into the wind. Based on historical south/southwest wind conditions at CVG, approximately 80% of the time aircraft land over the north (south flow) and takeoff to the south and west. North winds and poor weather conditions require north operations (takeoff to the north and west and land over the south), which is approximately 20% of the time. Large jets are required to adhere to noise abatement departure procedures established for each runway. Regional jets and/or prop aircraft can turn on course when instructed by Air Traffic Control.

Nighttime Operations (10pm-7am): The nighttime program at CVG was established to focus the majority of nighttime traffic over the west side of the airport (arrivals to Runway 9 over the west and departures from Runway 27 to the west). The center north/south runway (Runway 18C/36C) is designated as the alternate nighttime runway.

Visit WebTrak for near real-time flight tracking.


Runway 18L/36R will be closed for approximately three weeks beginning June 17, 2024, for Runway Safety Area (RSA) grading work. Upon completion of this work, Runway 18C/36C will be closed until early December 2024 for pavement rehabilitation. During these closure periods, communities surrounding CVG may experience a temporary change in aircraft activity (increase or decrease) depending on the location. This may include nighttime operations.

More Information

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    Have a question? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about noise abatement.

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  • Noise Concerns?

    If you have a current noise concern you can file an online noise form, leave a detailed message at (859) 767-7020, or review the 2023 Annual Noise Report.

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    2023 Annual Noise Report