Innovation at CVG

At CVG, airport innovation is our culture. We are committed to exploring and advancing what's new and next for the benefit of our passengers, airport campus, and global industry.

The portfolio of work in airport innovation at CVG is grouped into four verticals. Click the image below to read more about each.

About CVG Innovation

We believe the airport is a living laboratory. CVG is a city within a city. With more than 14,000 campus employees and 7,700 acres of land, we are uniquely positioned to advance airport innovation. Our environment is ideal to test solutions to scale and apply in larger or smaller airports and other venues and environments globally. 

Our approach brings together BigCo's, startups, universities, and governments to test technology and improve processes. In this way, we continue to redefine and elevate the role of the airport.

Core to our innovation philosophy is a belief that we can leverage talent and tech for a better experience for our passengers, employees, and business partners. Shown below are some case studies of CVG innovation firsts on a national and global scale. 

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Innovation in Action



CVG has partnered with ThorDrive to develop the world's first autonomous retrofit baggage tug. The technology is being furthered developed and is now being deployed at airports across the world.

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In times when cleanliness and disinfection began to be assumed, CVG partnered with Avidbots to deploy Neo: the first autonomous robotic cleaning equipment with advanced AI in the U.S.

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CVG pioneered the use of wearables to revolutionize enterprise asset management, safety, and security. Alongside AWS, TaskWatch allows airport staff to stay on top of facility needs in real-time.

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CVG has worked with Ottonomy to bring its Ottobots product to market. Customers wishing to order concession products now can have them delivered at their gate via a fleet of robots, which has brought enhanced revenue opportunities to the airport.

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EASE is IP that CVG co-developed with Differential to streamline various sources of airport operational data into a single platform for real-time decision-making. This product is now being considered for use by airports across the world. 

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Donovan Energy

CVG partnered with Donovan Energy to develop a custom LED fixture for its Terminal Garage, which also set the groundwork for a parking guidance system. Beyond savings in energy costs from this project, Donovan has assisted CVG across a variety of issues in the airport's sustainability portfolio.

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Using AI developed by Assaia, CVG deployed a turnaround control solution for its airline gates. The technology provides real-time situational awareness at all gates and has assisted the airport in working with airline partners to improve turnaround issues.

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To the benefit of key partners, including airlines and the TSA, CVG leveraged Veovo's curb-to-flight flow management system to improve decision-making. By deploying sensors throughout the airport, CVG can collect data on flow and dwell times, which, combined with historical data, can assist in determining proper staffing levels and can help the airport assess facility improvements to be prioritized. 

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By partnering with Losant, CVG implemented an IoT solution to provide travelers with real-time data about the location of the airport's automated people mover. CVG and Losant installed and connected sensors to Losant's Enterprise IoT Platform to enable this success. 

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