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Say hello to CVG.ai (CVG Airport Innovation)

At the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), we’re using innovation to advance our capabilities, our brand, and our industry in alignment with our strategic plan, New Heights. Our approach to innovation is to blend emerging talent and advancing technology to elevate and redefine the role of an airport. We believe it’s time to rethink the airport experience.

CVG.ai goes beyond theory. We execute methodical proof-of-concept testing. We find the right partners and pilot test with the ultimate goal to generate unique intellectual property (IP). Our 7,500-acre campus serves as a massive living laboratory, allowing the creation of venture-built products that are practical, affordable, and scalable. Our production models include research and development of CVG’s IP, partners’ IP, or shared IP.

CVG.ai serves as a co-developer rather than a traditional customer sourcing a readily available product. This collaborative approach is our commitment to real product development, invaluable research in a complex environment, and growth. CVG and its partners are strategists, leaning into the future within aviation and other industry verticals. Our lab is our partners’ showroom floor for millions of potential customers.

Why do we focus on innovation?

Our focus is to stay ahead of the curve by predicting what forces and demands will change the aviation industry, as well as related businesses. This ensures the airport remains agile, as we lead the community and industry in terms of supporting new companies and new technologies that will bring the jobs of the future, furthering CVG’s $9.3 billion annual economic impact on the Cincinnati region and beyond.

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Over the last four years, we’ve grown a well-respected and highly regarded innovation ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of working with a variety of constituents, including startups, universities, established companies (BigCos), and regulatory agencies.

What are our focus areas for innovation?

You can see some of our work and how we categorize it in this video.

In the video we outline our innovation focus areas including transport, connect, clean and secure. Each area includes specific strategies and tactics.


In future posts, we’ll share more details on some of our partnerships and what the impact has been. You can visit this page to view a few case studies of our recent work. To share your insights and feedback, please contact us at innovation@cvgairport.com.