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A photo of the front cover of the CVG Sustainability Master Plan.
  • What is sustainability at CVG?

    Sustainability is in action at the CVG Airport Authority and is critical to our mission to create a viable future for our community and our industry. Sustainability is embedded in our culture of dedication to operational efficiency and continual improvement. Each person and every role can have a responsibility in moving sustainability forward.

  • Sustainability Goals

    • CVG is committed to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2050
    • CVG is committed to an innovative approach to bringing sustainable aviation fuels to our campus
    • We are engaging in the ACI Carbon Accreditation Program to further our commitment to carbon reduction and environmental sustainability
    • We are developing a reporting framework for all of these activities

    Sustainability Policy

    Sustainability Policy

    Energy and Sustainability Master Plan

    A photo of the front of a plane.
  • Aircraft Noise

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    Noise Abatement